Personalized Home Improvements by Expressing an Attitude

Is Personalized Home Improvements your goal? There are many issues to address when embarking on any home improvement, but why not have some fun. The overall atmosphere and attitude of the improvements can be key particularly when you want the results to be an expression of “you”.

Degree of Formality

Certain things tend to go well together:

  • Silk, silver, crystal, brass, china, oil paintings in gilt frames and draperies that hang to the floor have an affinity for each other, for example.
  • Leather, built-in bookcases, old books, paneled rooms, coffered ceilings, and dark wood are another group of things that work well together.
  • Heavy linen, polished cotton, glass and metal tables, woven baskets, and wicker.

While there are exceptions, things that work well together tend to have, roughly, the same degree of formality. (Although their color and texture are important, too.)

Light vs. Dark

Most people are happiest in rooms that are bright and sunny in the daytime and that are softly lit (without glare or sharp contrasts) at night. In most rooms, lamps and indirect lighting are the way to go. Window treatments that leave most of the glass uncovered when they are open during the day are good for letting in sunshine (and pleasant views) and tend to give your home a cheerful feeling.

How much sun a room gets needs to be taken into account when choosing paint colors. If a room gets a lot of sun, and you like the look, a dark color will probably work. If the room is on the north side of your home and has few windows, you might be happier with a lighter tint of your chosen color.

Small vs. Large

Small rooms can be a challenge. Window treatments, which control light and privacy without taking up a lot of space in the room, make sense in small rooms. Fitted interior shutters, shades, and café curtains tend to work well. Save voluminous fabric, elaborate swags, and draperies that “puddle” on the floor for larger rooms with higher ceilings. Furniture needs to be scaled to the size of the room, as well, although one occasionally sees a small room with a few large pieces of furniture (which look dramatically good and serve the intended function well).

Personalized Home Improvements Summary

Know what you want before you start. After you get that answer squared away, you can’t go wrong.



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